Monday, January 7, 2013

New library

Cathy and I traded rooms. My big sewing room/office/guest room over the garage is now her bedroom/workspace, and her old bedroom is now my sewing room/office/guest room. I thought I would just put my 1000+ books on the shelves along the back wall of the new sewing room, but that's not going to work at all. Those shelves are now full of boxes of sewing stuff, photographs, origami paper and other assorted projects. I am going to have to create a library, and after racking my brains and looking at home libraries on the internet, I have come up with a solution. All my books are stacked in the upstairs hallway, open to the living room below, between Cindy's room and the new sewing room. I ordered ten short bookcases from Walmart which will line the hallway along the railing, and the hallway will become the new library. The bookcases should arrive this week. I know I should get rid of many these books, but until I can make up my mind which ones to fling, it's not going to happen. I picked up one to consider tossing this morning and ended up reading it. I liked it so it will stay.

The new space is quite a squeeze and I've already found lots of paper I can throw away. I hope to get rid of more junk. I am feeling like a major hoarder right about now in spite of the superficial neatness of my home.

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