Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tie-dyed towels reprise

This year I have again made towels as Christmas presents for the Everett family nieces and nephews (and my kids). Two years ago I made these towels for the same kids, so I decided to use a spiral pattern this time.

This series of tie-dyed towels used eight different colors (with some slight variations). They were lemon yellow, fire red, baby pink, fuchsia, lime green, emerald green, sky blue and sapphire blue. Each towel had six of these colors front and back, with the colors offset by one on the reverse side.

I made these first, to use up whatever dye I had left from before. These spirals had light colors on one side and dark colors on the other side, more or less. I tried to pair the colors the same way across all of the towels. Light colors include lemon yellow, golden yellow, bright orange, jungle red, baby pink, lilac, lime green, kelly green, turquoise, sky blue, and a color similar to fuchsia called "dragon juice." Dark colors include forest green, chocolate brown, violet, sapphire blue, teal green, and some turquoise and dragon juice to contrast with some of the lighter light colors.