Monday, January 27, 2014

Finally, a Quilt

I started this quilt who knows when. The last project of my own that I was working on in the Coastal Quilt Artists group at Bobbie Sullivan's house was the Sunset Watercolor quilt (which I finished at the very end of the 2011 UFO challenge). That was about ten years ago. I had a lot of leftover blocks, and I arranged them into sixteen 16-patch blocks. At some point further on in time, I arranged the blocks as you see here and added the border using an artistic whole-cloth batik print. Then as usual the top sat around for a while. Eventually I partially quilted it and put the binding on it - last year sometime - and last weekend I finished the quilting and added a label. It is for Cathy, and I named it Sunset Colors 16-patch. (The original Sunset Watercolor quilt is meant for Cindy, but it still needs a sleeve to hang on the wall - after two years finished - sigh.)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A few more boxes

I had made this box to give to Arthur's mom, but unwisely tried to transport it folded into a box. I could have taken it apart and flattened the units. But I didn't, and two of the sides were torn, so I made her a different box when I got to Denmark. I found the torn bits a few days ago and replaced them. The top is pastel and the bottom is deep colors. Below the box is upside down.

I made a couple of boxes for my professors at the end of last year. This one was for the conservative one, so I used conservative colors.
This one has colors that remind me of Mexico. My final project for this professor's class was on credit alternatives in Mexico.

Origami Wrap Up

I started this origami quilt over five years ago. At the same time, I had made another one for the UUAC auction. Long time in the works, on my list to finish all that time. So much for the list. All I needed was a few days off, and nothing to supersede it in the pecking order of UFOs.

Here is the dual, a bit more cheerful with red joints instead of purple ones. But the red paper fades, and the purple is my own paper that I made at Origamido studio.
I had a few stars left over, joined with regular gray and gold origami paper. The stars themselves are cut from large sheets of paper that I buy wherever I can find it.