Sunday, August 21, 2011

Knitted Roman Squares

This is the fourth blanket I've knitted for Project Linus. A group at my church knits these blankets and turns them in to Project Linus, which distributes them to babies and kids in need of the comfort that a handmade blanket can provide. Our group is generating a lot of small balls of yarn, so I made this blanket using short lengths of yarn. I knit it as one piece, joining in the strands as needed and twisting the strands when I changed colors across the row. I measured the length of the strand that I would need ahead of time - twice the length of my outstretched arms - and arranged the strands before I added them into the quilt. The stitch throughout is seed stitch - (k1 p1) and repeat on the right side on an even number of stitches, p1 k1 wrong side.