Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Weekend

Two more tops have been assembled on this snowy weekend. I was considering donating the rainbow one-patch tops to the Power of the Quilt Project. I decided not to - it's all my fabric, so no moral dilemma, and I love them. So, for kids, future grandkids, or whoever is around when I get around to finishing them. For now, it goes into the closet with my other UFOs.
But not to worry, I made the fence rail/roman square blocks for the PQP a while back, and they were in one of the fabric bins. So I put them together on the diagonal, and filled in the edges with PQP fabric. This one will be made into a quilt for someone who really needs something cheerful in their life.
I also dragged out all the flannel that we had to use for quilt backing, organized it by color and assembled the pieces that were too small into larger rectangles. The day after the blizzard was bright and sunny, and light flowed into our house from all angles. So it was a great time to sort large quantities of colorful fabric. Here's the pieced flannel backing for the diagonal quilt. None of the pieces were big enough to make a whole backing, and it's more interesting this way.

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