Friday, January 28, 2011

Cindy's Sampler Quilt

Earlier this month I requilted Cindy's baby quilt. This entry is a picture of the previous quilt I made for her. It was a few years in the making. I finished it completely last summer during some free time in which I finished several UFOs. From top to bottom, left to right, the blocks are: 1. Reversed Squares, using a quick piecing technique I thought up. 2. Scraps from a project at my old guild, the Herring Run Quilters' Guild in Hanover, Massachusetts. 3. Scraps from a pillow I made for my mother-in-law. 4. Blue Penrose tiles, given a pink Penrose tile setting (because it is the pink part of the quilt). 5. A big Penrose tiling. 6. My favorite block - a one patch of second generation leftovers from a watercolor quilt. 7. A block exchange with a woman from France, who solicited blocks in Quilters' Newsletter magazine. 8 & 9. Same as 2. 10. Hmong squares and nine-patches that were part of a guild exchange. 11. Butterfly batiks (Cindy's favorite block). 12. Five Penrose tiles. 13. A copy of the block I traded with the French woman. 14. A sawtooth star experiment. 15. Another Penrose tiling. 16. Copy of a guild raffle block - everyone would bring in a block, and one lucky person would take them all home. I wanted a copy in case I didn't win. Which I didn't, that time!
My girls took turns going through my block stash, choosing their favorites, and this was the collection that Cindy chose.
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  1. Very nice!! Doesn't it feel good to finish something!

  2. I'm repeating my comment because I posted it but then as I pressed the "Post Comment" button my computer went hinky. Since I didn't see it on the blog I'm reposting. Sorry if two pop up.
    Here goes...
    Your guilt is very lovely. I like it alot. It sure does feel good to complete a project.

  3. I remember now when I made this quilt - it was when Cindy was five years old, in 2003. I was a member of the Quinobequin Quilters' Guild, and we had a show. This quilt was in the show - just barely completed. The binding was tacked down with a running stitch, and I had machine stippled the borders but had not quilted most of the blocks. So seven years later, I finished quilting it. I was way too busy for my own good in 2003, but that is a story for another day.