Saturday, February 14, 2015

Snow days project

There have been quite a few snow days in Massachusetts this month. We got about five feet of snow - as I write there is more to come. So I took a few piles of kid prints that I acquired by buying a grab bag (never again). I had grouped the prints into "compatible" colorways (some may disagree), and I cut them out and added a few of my own fabrics to complete them. There are two additional tops that still need a border. Of course they are only tops. They are now UFOs that I can add to my growing collection of quilt tops that need to be quilted.

I used up the wild animal prints for this top. I added the other fabrics from my stash. All of these tops are about 39" square.

Here I combined some quasi-pastel cat prints and an assortment of sea animals and halloween frogs. I only added the floral fabric adjacent to the whales and the faux batik magenta print in the corners.

This one was the hardest - the only fabric I had in this pile was some red and blue prints with numbers, cats on numbers and a large piece of a teddy bear print with quite a few teddy bears already removed by someone else. I had chosen the pencil pattern border print to go with it. It took me a while to figure out that I should cut 3 inch squares and add a border. Once I did that, I had to use five of my own red and blue prints to fill in the gaps. I considered just throwing out the kid print fabric, because there was so little of it, but in the end I think I did the right thing.

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