Monday, February 20, 2017


No pictures today, just a narrative.

Today I am putting labels on a bunch of quilts. I haven't been too bad about doing this overall, but not great. I'm thinking about half of them have labels. There was probably a time when I knew the year in which I finished the quilts that I had made, but that time is past, so I'm going to have to dredge through blog posts and file folders to figure it out.

Being organized

I should probably post an update on being organized. I was going to make this blog an ongoing narrative of how I organize my time and space, but let's just call that a little fail. On the other hand my time and space are becoming more organized, I'm just not blogging about it.


I have been limiting, planning, and making better use of my crafting time. If I spend entire days doing crafting then other parts of my life suffer. So balance is the key, and planning is the key to balance.

There isn't much magic to it, just occasional restraint, being aware of when my crafting time is so I can focus on it, and prioritizing what I want to do with that time. Some days I make a written plan. Deciding to let go of my "leadership" roles in charity quilts has helped in this respect. I'm not quite sure how much credit I can give myself for making that decision, because it wasn't working out at all anymore.


Getting rid of the charity quilts has made a huge difference. Soon the materials for the Power of the Quilt Project will be stored at the UUAC church in Sherborn, which is where the project is carried out. All of the materials for the Rhododendron Quilt Guild are out of the house. This was a concerted effort of mine during the first two months of the year, and I'm really happy to say that chapter of my life is behind me. It was not something that I was capable of doing. The only thing I can give myself credit for is not second guessing my aversion to doing that job. Guild people were donating materials that were very difficult to sort and use, but the new coordinator doesn't seem to have a problem with that. I've given her three quilts, a giant roll of batting and a bin of kids' fabric that PQP doesn't need.

Other improvements I've made in my space are removing all yarn from the sewing room. Finishing quilts helps too. Unfortunately I'm now starting to accumulate finished quilts. I need to start getting rid of finished quilts somehow.

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