Monday, April 11, 2011

My other hobby

Well one of my other hobbies. I am learning to draw in the classical style of the 19th century. This is my first "finished" drawing. Ideally I would have spent a lot more time on it, but there was a limit to how many days the model was going to sit for us.
I used carbon pencil on heavy watercolor paper. It is a meticulous process that includes the use of a knitting needle held at arms length to measure proportions and transfer them to the paper. But it some sense it is a simple and systematic method that anyone could learn.


  1. Impressive!! From one who cannot draw a thing b ut can appreciate art.

  2. I am impressed! I love to draw but can't and am so impressed that artistic people can create such wonderful art. Thank goodness there are folks like you so folks like me can appreciate such talent. Way to go!