Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free-motion practice

I finished this today - the colorful blocks were an experiment from a few years ago, to see if I could quick-piece kaleidoscope blocks. I had it in a box for a while and decided to use it to practice free motion quilting. I made the heart pattern on the colorful blocks first, then once I got "better" at it I filled in the plain pink blocks. I practiced free-motion stitch-in-the-ditch and then did the usual meander on the border. Lots of mistakes but good enough for my first try.
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  1. I think your quilting is great for a first try! Your patterns show an organized thought process and are very effective. Any baby would be blessed to recieve this.

  2. Nice quilt and great first quilting efforts.

  3. looks great!!!!
    I was wondering what to do on a quick quillow for a grand daughter so will attempt your idea as it would be so appropriatte.
    Thank you