Monday, September 14, 2015

Raffle Quilt Blocks

After a long stretch of crocheting, I finally used my sewing machine again. In two days I have to turn in my raffle quilt blocks, so I had to actually make them. I had taken home three packets, but I wanted four so that I could make better use of the leftovers, so the blue-violet star is extra. I hope it works for the raffle quilt. The block is basically a nine-patch, with the star points being the sides and the center the same color as the star points. Little triangles are generated in the process of making the star points, and I used these to make two bonus blocks.

The colors didn't come out true in this picture, in spite of my efforts at post- processing. But these are the blocks, a very nice way to make LeMoyne stars without having eight points in the middle.
The first step is to mark a 2 1/4 inch colored square on the diagonal, place it on the corner of a 3 inch black square, sew along the diagonal, and trim away the triangles outside of the seam. I sew the triangles together before I cut them off to get little half-square triangles. Sixteen of them make this block. (The colors here are much closer to the actual colors.)
The next step is to mark another 2 1/4 inch colored square on the diagonal, place it on the left bottom corner of the square from step 1, then sew and trim as before. These little half-square triangles include a little corner of the first triangle. So I made pinwheel blocks with diamonds in the middle.

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