Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome 2011!

First a big thank-you to Judy of the 2011 UFO challenge and all the quilters who have great blogs. I have been quilting for over twenty years, and it's about time I record my work. I have meant to be doing that all along, but somehow it has remained on my to-do list. Until now!

I am going to start my post with the unlikely story of the first quilt that was chosen at random for completion in 2011. I finished this quilt, more or less, when my youngest daughter was born. It was her baby quilt. I had a friend do the machine quilting, and shortly after the first wash, the stitches began to break. It was quilted with a very high upper thread tension. I got the idea to requilt it using a relatively thick decorative thread wound on the bobbin. I have had the thread for many years! My baby is almost a teenager.

I will update this post when I'm done. So far I have requilted using one bobbin's worth of thread. I estimate I will need about eight total - but the sun has gone down today, and I don't want to work in the dark.

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