Monday, February 7, 2011

February UFO - finished!

I finished sewing the binding on this beautiful quilt at knitting group today! I made this quilt just over seventeen years ago, and the polyester navy blue bias tape was good enough to let it be viewed by many people. But now it has a subtle binding that blends in with the design. The dark area represents the unconscious mind. The light area represents the outer world, and the interface between the two represents consciousness. There is a spiral galaxy superimposed on the simple pattern - hard to see but if you look carefully, the bright squares on the top and the lighter squares on the bottom form the arms of a spiral galaxy. I used all kinds of fabric on this quilt - mostly the usual cotton, but also satin, corduroy, velvet, lamé, mesh and even some black vinyl.
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  1. Wow This is gorgeous, wonderful colours.

  2. This was fun to look at and find the spiral galaxy. Once you said the arms of the spiral then I could see it. It's almost like an I Spy book from years ago where you had to stare at a picture to make your eyes almost cross to see what's there. I didn't have to cross my eyes for this quilt. It's very pretty and I like the meaning of the quilt.

  3. Wow, that's nothing like I thought it was going to look! Good job!

  4. Wonderful quilt and beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing your finish. Judy C