Friday, February 25, 2011

Wabi Sabi Friday

Most Fridays I put on my wabi sabi shirt. I read this article about wabi sabi last year. Wabi sabi is the zen aesthetic of imperfection and impermanence. I realized that my best favorite shirt didn't have to be mended after all. The little frays just mean it was well worn. So I pulled it out of the mending pile where it had sat for many years. It is a big cotton shirt, striped with different colored cotton rather than dyed. I also retrieved my favorite old black sweater. My old black sweater has just the right drape, and it was just warm enough to wear around my drafty house on a cold day. It had a hole in one elbow. In the past I would mend the holes invisibly. I can do that. But I hadn't done it for years. It was on my list of things to mend, but once I knew about wabi sabi, I realized I could wear a sweater with a hole in the elbow, and it would be OK.
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  1. Wish I'd learn that before my husband made me through away my woolen seed pattern sweater. It had holes but it could have been my winter wabi-sabi.