Monday, February 21, 2011

Some old wall quilts

I don't have anything new to show just yet, so I am presenting some more of the quilts in the series of Cindy's quilts. Of course my other daughter has plenty of quilts, and those will be revealed eventually. But for now we are going to have a tour of the quilts on Cindy's walls.

The first quilt is a little log cabin quilt, which was inspired by a bright and colorful blouse that I saw one day. I made it about 20 years ago, when I was just starting to make quilts. The black border is hand quilted with a twist design in red thread. It's about eighteen inches square.

I learned the pattern "reversed squares" from an old quilting book of mine. The basis of this pattern is the square with four triangles around it - for example, the sets of squares and triangles that are in color. I came up with a method of quick-piecing this pattern. If I can recover it from my old computer, I'll put it up someday soon. This quilt is a bit larger - about two feet square.

This is my first paper quilt, a little over a foot square. I used small squares of Japanese paper, along with decorated squares from a polyhedron I made in college that was getting beat up and dusty. I gave it a second life by gluing the faces of the polyhedron and the Japanese paper to rice paper, and then I stitched a thin blue ribbon to the rice paper to cover the seams. The border is wrapping paper with a Japanese motif. It's in a black frame under glass.


  1. These are nice! I have never heard of paper quilting.

  2. I like the quilts. I too made a paper quilt. It was for my sister's birthday many years ago. Have you every tried making a wood quilt? I have one hanging on my wall but I didn't make it. I really like the log cabin quilt you posted. I don't know why but for some reason I'm partial to log cabin quilts. Nice job.